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I am Jenny, Almond Girl Jenny as I am commonly referred to in the social media and blogging worlds. I am a fourth generation California farmer growing almonds in the Southern Central Valley with my husband. We are raising the 5th generation to hopefully continue on the family farm and legacy of farming. I grew up on an almond and walnut farm in Northern California. I know, I know, we are all just crazy nutty in our family! But when California is home to 99% of all almonds grown in the US and 80% grown in the world, the odds of finding another almond farmer to marry were pretty high. Even though my father warned me not to marry an almond farmer, I couldn’t listen.Almond Bloom

Growing up and being surrounded by trees and the farming lifestyle, I knew some day I would return to the family farm. I made a journey to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo for college and met my husband. He farmed nearly 350 miles from my family farm. The college girl Jenny thought there was no way I could make that adjustment. Even though I had to adjust from odd shape fields to square fields, from abundance of water to increased water regulations, and from small and scattered fields to 1,000 acre blocks. But almost seven years later, I have made the adjustment. My almond farmer husband will even tell you I have made more friends and know more people in our county than he does. Call me outspoken or outgoing but I just think I am doing my job. As a farmer in California, It is my job to be as educated and aware of issues that are going to affect our farm. It is through the number of community organizations and commodity boards I sit on that I am able to stay on top of new laws and regulations.

Farming is a passion for me and my family. I can only hope that someday my children will have the opportunity to carry on the farm we have built and continue the farming legacy. Telling our farm story and putting a face to farmers is part of building that legacy. Consumers need to see the face of the farmer and know that we do have children, bills to pay, families to cook for, and we are real people. That’s why I decided years ago to be an agvocate and step out to tell me story via social media and my blog. I love being able to share the story of an almond farmer with people who may not understand that bees pollinate the blooms in February and a mere 6 months later they are harvested or that almond trees are shook my machines to get the nuts off.

Almond shaker

Maybe it is the outspoken part of me or the competitive nature I have, but now I just can’t stop. When I see or hear someone falsely commenting in the grocery store, swim lessons, church, or just walking at the park, I have to stop them and correct them. Farming isn’t just a hobby; it is a way of life, a job that everyone depends on. I don’t just grow this food to feed my family; I grow this food to feed the world. There is plenty of false accusations and misinformation out there. I just want to provide some real life insight for people. There are not enough farmers and ranchers out there telling their story. Who is going to tell our story if we are afraid to do it?

Jenny Holtermann

Until Next Time,

Almond Girl Jenny

About Jenny Holtermann

Jenny grew up on her family’s almond and walnut farm in Northern California. In pursuit of an Agriculture Business degree, Jenny made the trek to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. After meeting her husband in college, she made the difficult decision to not move home after graduation as planned and to follow her heart. Jenny married her almond farmer and they are now starting a farming adventure of their own. They farm almonds with her husband’s family in a small farming town in California’s Southern Central Valley. They welcomed a little almond farmer son in 2014 and can't wait for him to continue the passion of farming. In her spare time, Jenny enjoys wine tasting, antiquing, and their adorable black lab Massey.

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