Give Thanks for the Hands That Feed Us

As we gather with our loved ones
In this season of thanksgiving
Let us rest our minds with thoughts of praise and
Give thanks
For the hands that feed us

The farmer, fresh from harvest
Spent his days and nights away from family
As he brought his bounty to the storehouse.
Now he can rest, but not for long,
Next year’s planting is on his mind.
Give thanks
For the hands that feed us.

The rancher spends countless hours with livestock.
Each animal has a place, a job, a destination.
Often, way too often, there is loss and added expense,
But always the product finds its way to our home.
Give thanks
For the hands that feed us.

The children watch their farming and ranching parents
Go out to work, knowing it may be days before
They are together again. Others go out with their
Parents and learn first-hand what it means
To be a provider. These are the blessed ones,
They are the future.
Give thanks
For the hands that feed us.

Remember the soldiers, who are called to lands far away,
Who guard and protect our right to farm, to ranch,
To grow, and to feed. These too are hands to be thankful for,
They fill a role that many of us too quickly shun,
But they keep us safe.
They should be thanked as well. As we
Give thanks
For the hands that feed us.

Written expressly for Ask the Farmers

About Cami Brewer

Wife, mother, grammy, teacher, goat tender, Christ-follower, 4H leader. I love all things doing with my grandkids, goats and students.


  1. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift of writing with us. I love your poem. I will share this with my friends.

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