Easy Peasy Guacamole

A few years ago, I accidentally discovered I loved guacamole.  Not the boring, buy in the store, plain Jane kind.  The kind you get in a gigantic bowl at a Mexican restaurant and pay an arm and a leg for.  Yes, that kind AND my kind.  I also love pico de gallo and have an […]

Is the Husk on Sweet Corn Full of Chemicals?

“I’m curious to know how pesticides are applied to corn crops. I always grill my corn in the husk on and often soak it a bit beforehand. Recently someone told me the husk was ‘full of chemicals’ and I should reconsider. I also saw some recipes that used corn husk to cook in and wondered […]

Is Conventional Produce Safe for My Family?

Ok, I’m sorry if this has been asked before. I have little ones and I feel strangled by organic. I am in line with you guys on the GMO issue, but I would like to know how to buy fruits/greens that are not doused in pesticides. I don’t, so I need to resort to organic. […]