Meet Your Farmer-Jill Burkhardt

Hi! I’m Jill Burkhardt. I don’t know how many generations back in my family have been farmers, but there have been many. I have always been around agriculture, it’s all I’ve ever known. When I was a young child, in Illinois, my dad worked for farmers (mainly hog and crop farmers) and we lived on […]

Know Your Farmer: Terryn Drieling

Hi! I’m Terryn. I grew up on a small feed yard in northeast Nebraska, where my family has been feeding beef cattle for more than forty years. My grandparents managed the feed yard and owned their own small herd of registered Simmental cattle. They retired in the early 90’s and my uncle took over the post as […]

Second Look – Be curious, not judgemental

I remember it vividly, but how could I forget? With my eyes focused forward, I carried my youngest daughter under my arm like a sack of potatoes. From the dairy aisle of the grocery store to our car parked at the far, end of the lot, we stood out. I ignored all onlookers’ and gawkers’ stares […]

Team Dinners, Cow Bells and The Hometown Team

Clinton, Maine is the type of place where the dairy cows outnumber the people by a long shot and it’s also the type of place where hometown pride makes even a long shot a formidable wild card.

I challenge you to visit a fair!

In the midwest, its currently the season of fairs – regional, county and state. Our family has completed two fairs thus far. The final fair will be the Illinois State Fair which runs August 11-21 in Springfield, IL. Fairs come in all shapes and sizes – some are small like our county fair and do […]

Know Your Farmer: Patricia Johnson

How did you get into farming? Most people have short answers. “I’m a fifth generation rancher”. Or “My great grandparents homesteaded here” Or even, “I married into it.” I envy their short answers. But I have a short answer of my own. “It’s complicated.”  I guess I’d have to say that my ag story starts […]

A Day in the Life Of a Beef Cattle Farmer

This is a “Day in the Life Of” account of our farm. On June 29, we are moved yearling heifers out to summer pasture. What is a heifer? A heifer refers to female cattle that have never had a calf. Our farm is a 5th generation family farm. My husband’s family homesteaded just a half-mile […]

What Happens on a CAFO Farm?

CAFO stands for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation. This farmer increased his farm size in order to support his three sons who wanted to continue to farm side by side.This farm chose to have their cows inside so that in the fall and winter they would be sheltered from rain, snow and freezing temperatures. In the […]

Know Your Farmer: Karen Nelson

Who I am and why I do what I do is founded in family. My parents, both of whom are from multi-generation farm families, started a custom harvesting business in 1974. I grew up in wheat and barley fields across middle America. My husband is the sixth generation of his family to farm U.S. soil. […]

A Farm Wife’s Rant- Please Ask the Farmers

Recently it was Memorial Day. I spent the majority of the day working. I went back to the field this morning and started thinking about the ignorance of people. There are groups who find fault with many aspects of farming. Today I want to concentrate on the lies being propagated about CAFO farms. Another term they […]