5 Myths About Organic Dairy Farming

I am an organic dairy farmer and I want to address 5 myths about organic dairy farming and why they shouldn’t be taken as truths. 1. A cow or calf gets sick – you just let her die. All my cows have names and personalities and are very important to me. I look forward to playing with […]

Is Organic Farming Worth the Paperwork?

In my opinion, one word – YES!!! Every January, a nice little envelope arrives in the mailbox from the Washington State Department of Agriculture – Organic Department. This lovely envelope contains all the information our farm needs to start the process of recertification of our organic permits. It is also every January that we sit […]

To Milk a Cow: Part 2

You can read Part 1 here. Before a cow can be milked, her udder and teats must be cleaned of manure splatters and sawdust shavings; we use soft microfiber cloths for this. The gentle process of cleaning the udder also stimulates milk production. Some farms also use a pre-dip that disinfects the teats, but we […]