Transitioning to the Next Generation: Estate Planning

Any family farm and ranch operation goes through different transitioning stages and for many operations it is some of the hardest discussions and changes to go through.  Currently we are exploring options for our own ranching and farming business.   I’m hoping that through this post and future post regarding our experiences as we go through this […]

Cover Crops: Why We Do Not Use Them

Back in February I wrote a post explaining How Farmers are Working to Protect the Soil. That article touched on the practice of no-till farming, a practice that we use on our own farm. But there are many other practices that farmers are using to protect the soil. Since the USDA is celebrating 2015 as […]

Licensed to Farm

Just as farms and their farm families are different sizes, shapes and colors (red or green tractor anyone?) so too are the rules and regulations that govern their activities.   If you raise livestock you might abide by one set of guidelines.  If you raise vegetable crops you’ll be reading through another set.  If you […]

How Farmers are Working to Protect the Soil

This year the USDA is celebrating 2015 as the ‘International Year of Soils’. According to the USDA, this year of soil awareness is to aim to increase global understanding of the importance of soil for food security and essential ecosystem functions. Even though it is frigidly cold outside and is the dead of winter, spring […]

Busting Some Anhydrous Ammonia Myths

Last year we applied anhydrous ammonia to our fallow fields in preparation of seeding. Many people misunderstand the use of chemical fertilizers, so let’s bust some myths. The first myth is that farmers drench their fields, because conventional farmers don’t know their land. Nothing is further from the truth. Before we apply any fertilizer, the […]

Is Organic Farming Worth the Paperwork?

In my opinion, one word – YES!!! Every January, a nice little envelope arrives in the mailbox from the Washington State Department of Agriculture – Organic Department. This lovely envelope contains all the information our farm needs to start the process of recertification of our organic permits. It is also every January that we sit […]

Aerial Farming with GoPro and DJI Phantom 2

I’ve been talking about unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for several weeks now, but now I finally have my very own DJI Phantom 2.  I’m writing this post on a Saturday, and I’ve had the UAV and related gear in my possession since this past Tuesday.  I’ve never been great with RC stuff, and flying is […]

[Farm] Size: Does it Matter?

Farm size gets a lot of press these days. Big farms, small farms, micro farms – each operating differently, in ways that make sense to their particular operation. The common denominator among the vast majority despite the size of the farm is a proud, caring farmer or farmers, doing their best to take care of […]