I had a vision quite some time ago to highlight the women involved with the harvest. I was once approached by an elderly harvester’s wife with the question, “Why don’t you give the women involved with this industry more credit for what they do?” I instantly felt a heaviness on my heart because I thought […]

Planting is over. Now what do farmers do?

Our 2015 planting season began on April 24. It ended on May 23. The season seemed longer than one month because I don’t believe we ever got a full week of planting in due to rains and waiting on particular fields to dry out. Some people think grain farmers like us work hard for just […]

Cover Crops: Why We Do Not Use Them

Back in February I wrote a post explaining How Farmers are Working to Protect the Soil. That article touched on the practice of no-till farming, a practice that we use on our own farm. But there are many other practices that farmers are using to protect the soil. Since the USDA is celebrating 2015 as […]

Food and Technology

In my last blog post, “Is Country Music Giving Farmers & Ranchers A Bad Rap,” I shared my concern about consumer’s viewpoints of farmers and ranchers based on what your hear and see from today’s country genre. I’m a strong believer that one of the best ways farmers and ranchers can understand consumer’s concerns is […]

Where Does The Grain Go When It’s Harvested?

There’s two ways to get rid of the grain once it leaves the field.  Once the combine(s) have dumped and the truck is full, the grain will either head for the elevator or to a grain bin (On-Farm Storage). My favorite, of course, is to the elevator.

Blue Corn Myth Exposed

Currently there is a deceiving picture floating around or if you live in Oregon it is a very deceiving TV campaign ad for GMO labeling.  It is comparing blue corn seeds versus “normal” corn seeds.  The purpose of this photo is to scare consumers into thinking that 1) only GMO seeds are colored and 2) […]

Where Does My Harvest Go?

On our farm we grow corn, soybeans, popcorn, and wheat.  More specifically #2 yellow dent corn, waxy corn, commercial soybeans, soybeans for seed (for two different seed companies), popcorn, and wheat. Let’s start with the regular dent corn.  You’ll notice I didn’t say sweet corn.  None of the corn we grow (except popcorn) ends up […]