Are Farmers Forced by Big Ag and Monsanto to Plant Seeds?

For years now, there has been a myth going around the internet about how farmers seed options have been growing smaller and smaller to the point where they are basically forced by seed companies to plant a certain variety in a monocropping style production method. This myth is most likely rooted in the fact that […]

I Plant GMOs in My Fields, Not In My Garden

Spring has sprung and with that comes the call of the garden.  With society’s renewed interest in food and more opportunities than every before to “grow your own”, gardening is becoming a new favorite past time. I love gardening. We care for a modest sized vegetable garden and quite a few flower gardens tucked around […]

Glyphosate as a Carcinogen, Explained

A couple of weeks ago, a designation related to Roundup was released that created a buzz around the world. My own mother greeted me with the news when I got home: “Did you hear that Europe now says glyphosate causes cancer?” Mom wasn’t entirely correct, though props to her for following the news. The actual […]

Could Genetic Modification be Responsible for my Crohn’s Disease?

In the summer of 1995, I began to notice blood in my stool. That’s probably not the opening sentence you would expect to read on a farming website, right? I promise to bring it full circle if you’ll just stick with me. In the chance that you are not familiar with Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative […]

Food and Technology

In my last blog post, “Is Country Music Giving Farmers & Ranchers A Bad Rap,” I shared my concern about consumer’s viewpoints of farmers and ranchers based on what your hear and see from today’s country genre. I’m a strong believer that one of the best ways farmers and ranchers can understand consumer’s concerns is […]

Blue Corn Myth Exposed

Currently there is a deceiving picture floating around or if you live in Oregon it is a very deceiving TV campaign ad for GMO labeling.  It is comparing blue corn seeds versus “normal” corn seeds.  The purpose of this photo is to scare consumers into thinking that 1) only GMO seeds are colored and 2) […]

Understanding Food Choices

One of my favorite church sermons involved a story about a young bride, her groom and her attempt at cooking her first large meal which included a ham. She sent her husband to the deli to pick up the ham. Once he arrived home she asked why he did not have the butcher trim the end of […]

My Dog, Chocolate, and Bt Sweet Corn

GMO sweet corn is pretty cool. It has been genetically modified to produce its own pest control that kills certain insects that are snacking on it in the fields. But while the Bt sweet corn has been proven safe for commercial use, some people get a little confused about the application. “If the Bt protein […]