Dear Meatless Mondays: What Happened to Food Choices?

Dear Meatless Mondays: What Happened to Food Choices? The new trend in K-12 schools, colleges and some restaurants have been Meatless Mondays, or removing meat from your diet one day a week and serving meat-free, vegetarian recipes. The University of Minnesota, a school most of us know for their reputable College of Agriculture, has jumped […]

A Day in the Life Of a Beef Cattle Farmer

This is a “Day in the Life Of” account of our farm. On June 29, we are moved yearling heifers out to summer pasture. What is a heifer? A heifer refers to female cattle that have never had a calf. Our farm is a 5th generation family farm. My husband’s family homesteaded just a half-mile […]

What Do Cows Get Vaccinated For?

Just as young children go for vaccines at different times throughout their life, so do our cattle. Last time I discussed why we vaccinate our cattle, now I’ll be sharing with you what we vaccinate our cattle for. Cattle are prone to infectious diseases when they are exposed from other cattle, just like humans are prone […]

Why Do We Vaccinate our Cows?

In one simple statement: we vaccinate our cattle to prevent disease. But let me elaborate… Many diseases that cattle can contract can have the potential to wipe out an entire herd if left undiagnosed. Not only that, but treating diseases are costly and time consuming. With most cattle diseases, animals sometimes show symptoms. Sometimes when […]

The Truth About Calving Beef Cattle

In the midst of calving season and really any other time of the year – the dairy industry is often the focus of consumer questions and concerns.  The beef industry often flies under the radar.  With the buzz word being TRANSPARENCY, flying under the radar is not always ideal. I love taking pictures, especially pictures of […]

What Do Cows Eat in the Winter?

  With a foot of snow on the ground and temperatures below zero, many people often ask, what do cows eat in the winter?  The simple answer is hay. Most people are familiar the a cows diet in the summer, acres and acres of lush green grass. But what is hay? Hay is the staple […]

Cows In The Cold: What We Do To Help

With the sudden cold temperatures we have experienced this past week on our farm in Alberta, a lot of people ask how to the cows deal with this weather?  While it’s easy to bring the farm dog in to sleep on the porch in the winter, for us it’s difficult and would be quite cost […]

What Do Grass Fed Cows Eat in Winter?

The term “grass fed” gets kicked around a lot, but when it shows up on a beef (or any other) meat label, it’s what is called a marketing claim. There are a lot of marketing claims and there are different levels of verification for them (that’s important to remember.) They include things like Certified Angus, […]

Bringing Cattle Off Pasture

While many people are celebrating homecoming at their school or alma mater, homecoming here has a slightly different meaning.  Every year I look forward to the day the cows go out to pasture in the early summer and I look forward even more to the day that we go and round them up and bring […]