Easy Peasy Guacamole

A few years ago, I accidentally discovered I loved guacamole.  Not the boring, buy in the store, plain Jane kind.  The kind you get in a gigantic bowl at a Mexican restaurant and pay an arm and a leg for.  Yes, that kind AND my kind.  I also love pico de gallo and have an […]

Our Way Of Life

My name is Alison McGrew and I am from Good Hope, Illinois.  I am one of many Ask The Farmers volunteers that simply volunteers time to answer consumer questions regarding agriculture!  My family and I raise beef cattle on our farm, but I grew up on a grain (corn, soybeans, and wheat) farm.  My husband […]

The Truth About Calving Beef Cattle

In the midst of calving season and really any other time of the year – the dairy industry is often the focus of consumer questions and concerns.  The beef industry often flies under the radar.  With the buzz word being TRANSPARENCY, flying under the radar is not always ideal. I love taking pictures, especially pictures of […]