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Get your answer straight from the farmer’s mouth! Wanting to know more about where your food comes from and how it’s raised? We have almost 70 farmers, farm wives, ranchers, agronomists, veterinarians (and more!) to answer your questions about agriculture.

We will do our best to answer your questions in a timely basis, but please understand that all of our contributors are volunteering their time and a lot work full-time on and/or off the farm. Most of the answers will be posted on our blog and shared on all of our social media sites. Some questions are better suited as “live” questions asked on Facebook, to get a better discussion from our farmers and our readers.

We ask that you submit any question you have about farming from farm to table. Crop production, animal agriculture, all aspects of food, biotechnology, pesticides, etc. We do not feel we are the best website to answer specific questions about gardening and we do not give farming advice via this page. If you would like to discuss these topics, please feel free to join our conversation on Facebook where we can have an open forum discussion with lots of input from our farmers and our readers. Don’t ever be scared to submit a question, no question is stupid and we reply to every single question we are asked. Thanks!

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