Are Farmers Forced by Big Ag and Monsanto to Plant Seeds?

For years now, there has been a myth going around the internet about how farmers seed options have been growing smaller and smaller to the point where they are basically forced by seed companies to plant a certain variety in a monocropping style production method. This myth is most likely rooted in the fact that farmers who want to use the “latest and greatest” corn hybrids or soybean varieties must sign a contract with the respective seed company agreeing not to reuse the harvested grain as seed for the following year.

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The fact is this myth simply isn’t true. Today there are quite a few seed companies out there that offer countless options for farmers to pick from. The three most well known seed companies are Monsanto which has the Dekalb, Asgrow, Channel and other brands. Syngenta Seeds providing the Golden Harvest and NK brands. And DuPont with the Pioneer brand. Others include smaller privately held seed companies like Wyffels, Becks and Burrus Seeds.

FACT: Farmers have the choice to purchase seed from whatever brand they want to as well as the choice to purchase whatever seeds they want to from that company. In fact, based on what I have seen in many farmers sheds this spring (and for years prior) many farmers choose to diversify and buy a few bags of seed from 3-4 companies on average. You can learn more about how farmers choose what seeds to plant here.

Here are 17+7 reasons why this myth is 100% busted:
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For 2015 our main “Potential To Yield” (P2Y) seed trial consists of 17 corn hybrids from 7 different Seed brands including everything from the big Monsanto brands to the little guy, Wyffels Hybrids Brand. Each corn hybrid will be planted 32 rows wide and 1/2 mile long and will provide ourselves and other farmers with quality yield data after harvest is completed this fall. That data will then help farmers choose which seeds may be best to plant on their farms in 2016!

For more information on our “Potential To Yield” (P2Y) seed trials visit our web site Potential Ag.

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